Objective  Objective

I've always wanted to open a cafe where people can take some steam off and enjoy life. As a university student, I live and die with coffee, tea and dessert that keep me awake and also help me wander around a bit from heavy study schedule.

MyRole  My Role

I decided to do a design sprint. Hypothesizing that my cafe locates at campus, a.k.a my customers are mostly university students or faculties. What is my role? Well, I am responsible for idea, brand design, UX research to design, yes, everything;)

Duration  Time&Team

Dolphin Cafe was done between January. 29th to Februry. 2nd of 2018 with: me, me and me.

Process  Process

Day 1 Research - Test the water

Survey  Survey

Survey  Interview

I did remote unstructured interview among a Wechat group of 500 members. About 11 people joined this topic chat.

screenshots of Wechat

Survey  Observation

Day 2 Research — Categorize user requirements

affinity diagram  Affinity Diagram

brainstorming  Brainstorming

Day 3 Design  —  Sketch ideas and gather feedbacks

affinity diagram  HandSketch

affinity diagram  Lo-Fi prototype

affinity diagram  Cognitive Walkthrough

Instead of quickly moving on with Hi-fidelity prototype, I decided to sit back and see what experts are thinking about the design idea and whether the interfaces make sense. I have had the great pleasure to invite designers from Google, Salesforce to do cognitive walkthroughs for my low-fidelity prototype.

Special thanks to Shuang, Spell and John.


Day 4 Design  —  Make it colorful

affinity diagram  ColorPalette

affinity diagram  Icon

affinity diagram  HiFidelity

Day 5 Design  —  Play around with it

affinity diagram  Interactive Prototype

Appendix: TV

affinity diagram  Thoughts