I always ask myself. How did I end up with HCI and feel passionate about UX? Here is a few past pieces of me. Let's figure it out together?


I have learned C all the way to Matlab M, R, Python, C#, HTML/CSS/JS.

Click the picture “PONG” above to play!
This is an implementation of classic arcade game "Pong"
            Two players compete with each other.
   (well, my right hand always win my left hand)
     1st player use “w” to go up, “s” to go down;
     2nd player use “↑” to go up, “↓” to go down.
Good luck ^^

This is ‘ZombieConga’ with three characters: Zombie, Rabbit, and Old Grandma.

When Zombie meets Rabbit, Rabbit would follow him. Zombie win when 15 Rabbits following.

When Zombie meets Old Grandma, he loses one life. Zombie have three lives to lose.

Ohhhhh don't forget to wear headphone to soak into music!
And you are welcome to meet my cute nephew Thomas:)


I have a bachelor and a master's degree of Engineering. (It took me SEVEN years! How many seven-years do one have?).
I enjoy the process of making a physical gadget from sketch, to calculate appropriate size, to choose material, to code, to make it real.

1) Designed & produced a Cartoon avatar by PLC programming.

2) Designed and made a mechanical mini car running routine of character “8” without hitting the two standing stools.

3) A mobile that can avoid obstacles with sensors & change velocities by inserted programming.

4) Designed a “ship” pencil box made by Wire Electrical Discharge Machining.

5) Sketches (Former: size calculation; Later: CAD sketch)


Being a teacher is one of the greatest things I am going to be proud of when I am old.

I was a part-time teacher of Toefl and GRE in HangZhou New Oriental School.

I realize that being a teacher, passing down knowledge and learning from students is the happiest moment.


For the first time in my world, I was honored to be given the title: President.

In CAU chapter of Institution of Mechanical Engineers of UK. I was elected as the fourth Chairperson, during when I

• Organized the local heat for “Speak Out for Engineering Presentation Competition” and “Design Competition for Vision Impairment” in China

• Coordinated the China delegation in participating IMechE EngNow2013 in Hong Kong (a 5-day program focus on engineering leadership development with delegates from four IMechE international regions: Oceania Region; South Asia Region; South East Asia Region and North East Asia Region).

SOFE originated in 1864, designed to help develop verbal and visual communication in explaining technical mechanical engineering related subjects.

When organizing SOFE, I led my team in making posters and marketing videos.

Being one of young volunteers in managing IMechE EngNow2013, I have had the opportunity to learn from those senior volunteers on how to transform a vision and/or idea into a reality.

DCVI is the abbr. of Design Competition for Visually Impaired. Two delegations from CAU has been selected to attend the HK final.
What impressed me most is beyond presentations, we introduced our products to potential users, let them get involved.

The participation in the IMechE DCVI enabled me to understand the importance of having user feedback on the product design and appreciate the true meaning of IMechE’s motto of “Improving the World through Engineering”.


I was going to be a scientist. Haha Just kidding. But definitely I was about to be a PhD. candidate ;).

Implementation of a simulation platform for BCM with xPC target

Today, applications of HiL (Hardware in the Loop) have been proven indispensable for its low cost and good real-time performance. However, video monitoring system also need be imported for monitoring work process to achieve the goal of supervising work state, especially in large railway maintenance machines. In this paper, we build a cost-effective and convenient platform TP-RT (Three-Party Real-Time) with three main parts: a xPC Target PC, an operation interface in C#, and a real-time dynamic 3D model display designed by a game engine Unity. All connections are built on Ethernet interfaces. By using packet sniffer Wireshark, we prove TP-RT's high realtime performance in particular protocols. This platform has been implemented in a Ballast Cleaning Machine (BCM).

Online Real-Time Estimation of Response Time for Periodic Messages in Controller Area Networks

The Controller Area Networks (CAN) are widely used in industrial Networked Control Systems (NCSs), such as construction machineries, hybrid vehicles, robotics, and other applications. The message response time (MRT) or communication delay is the main issue to degrade the performance of CAN-based NCSs since its exact value is time-varying and unpredictable. The online acquisition of exact MRT can be quite helpful for the delay compensation of NCSs. However, since the clocks on different nodes are asynchronous, the MRT acquisition in CAN is a challenging work. The current delay acquisition methods for asynchronous systems are not suitable for the delay compensation in CAN-based NCSs because they either increase the bus load of CAN or cannot acquire the exact MRT in real time. In this paper, we propose a novel online real-time MRT estimation method for periodic CAN messages based on the analysis of message traces on CAN bus. The proposed method can estimate the exact MRT of the received message instance in real time without increasing the bus load and can be conveniently embedded into the CAN nodes without requiring additional equipment. In order to validate the proposed method, practical experiments are carried out and the experimental results show that the proposed method can effectively estimate the exact MRT of periodic CAN messages.

Well, I just heard you ask, "Why are you not going to get a PhD.?"

Though I think putting an intense time period into research is amazing, from my previous experiences of pulishing papers, I have put more efforts in editing the article itself than directly creating and making something new. That makes me not enjoyable as I thought before. So I changed my mind to something much more interesting to me.

It's my multidisplinary experiences that let me think my life through and find it finally.

"What is it?" You asked again.

User Experience!