Objective  Objective

In Georgia Tech, bike is one of the most frequent transportations. Every year, new students look for used bikes, newly graduates have to sell them.

Our project is to help buyers to choose a high quality-price-ratio used bike quickly and help sellers to avoid spending lots of time looking for buyers.

MyRole  My Role

I participated throughout the research process of contextual inquiry, interviews and survey. I took charge of affinity diagram by collecting findings. I came up with two main design ideas which ended up as final solution. In design, I helped with sketching and interative prototype.

Duration  Duration

Sep. to Dec. of 2017

Duration  Team

Gaby SG | Lois | Angela | Akhil

Process  Process


Survey  Survey

We distributed a 82-response survey to probe into GT students' likes and dislikes when they buy uses bikes, in this way we can get our feet wet and know what questions to ask in interviews and contextual inquiries.

When buying a used bike, most of people claim they check price and if it works well. Besides, they are concerned about whether bike information seller posted is real.

Survey  Interview

We conducted 5 semi-structured interviews for in-depth understanding. Since we already knew people's requirements from surveys, now it's time to dig deeper.

One interviewee said he will not buy bikes until he tries riding on it and see how it feels. That's why he would never buy bike online. But later when talking about his used bike purchase experience, he mentioned: "I went to Starterbike so I can have my bike repair anytime if it's broken. And it's really cheap, $50, so no need to try it." From this we extract the information trust and price are more important than trying.

Competitive Analysis  Competitive Analysis

Contextual Inquiry  Contextual Inquiry

StarterBike is located in CRC parking lot. It welcomed students each Friday afternoon.

After observation and talk, we find out it is not uncommon people might arrive there, just to find out there is no bike available. Because Starterbike cannot guarantee there are enough bikes each time people come. They always have a rise in the beginning of a semester, but might get out of inventory easily due to spending time in repairing and collecting abandoned bikes.


affinity diagram  Affinity Diagram

  • Pain points of Buyers
    - Lack of bike's Information
    - Lack of trust to sellers & posted info
    - Want a lower price
    - Have trouble in delivery

  • Pain points of Sellers
    - Time-consuming to negotiate
    - Time-consuming to list items
    - No access to buyers

UserRequirement  User Requirements

Instead of trying to solve every problem, we decided to put more efforts in solving the most important and urgent ones.


personas  Personas

We created three personas considering different age, gender and cultural backgourds: two buyer personas and one seller persona.

Secondary personas about expert users can be created in the future.



brainstorming  Brainstorming

Idea convergence  Idea Convergence

We sorted each idea by their ability in solving problems on a chart with two main questions(Time consuming; Trust) as two coordinates separtely. The higher one idea's value is in one coordinate, the better it can solve the problem the coordinate stands for.

We came up with 19 different ideas based on our purpose: 1. Help buyers to trust sellers and product quality 2. Help sellers to save time in negotiation.

Therefore, 1. Post a video, 2. Instant Buy and 3. Expert Community stand out by solving the main two problems to the greatest extent.


Strength & Weakness for Design1


Strength & Weakness for Design2


information Architecture  Information Architecture

Lo-Fi  Lo-Fi wireframe

We decided to move on with the first Mobile app since nowadays people especially the young have been using cellphone which has advantage in size and accessibility. The preliminary user flow is as following.

Cognitive Walkthrough  Cognitive Walkthrough

I quickly made a Lo-Fi interaction prototype and we showed it to experts who have experiences in HCI field for cognitive walkthourgh.

They gave us advice about what problems they think users might encounter within UI design, task flow and details of features.

Besides, we both got overall positive feedback but also some concerns about the transaction process because the physical pool, where buyers pick up and sellers drop off their bikes, is not established yet.

Hi-Fi  Hi-Fi prototype


UsabilityTest  Usability test

Iterative Design  Design Improvement

Details  Hi-Fidelity Prototype details

Hi-Fi wireframes Details

Poster Presentation